Error in Creation of dataset using Manifest File in AWS Rekognition


I am trying to implement an Multi-label Image classification model in AWS Rekognition. I used manifest file to create the dataset in AWS Rekognition, but the Rekognition console cannot take the dataset from s3 bucket. while creating the dataset, the console has following errors:

  1. Amazon Rekognition custom labels cannot get the dataset entries. Try refreshing the console.
  2. The manifest file contains too many invalid rows.

I have created the manifest file using the link:

I followed the steps as described in the following link to create the dataset in AWS Rekognition:

The s3 bucket has two folders

  1. Train - storing my training images
  2. Manifestfiles - storing the manifest file

Any help will be appreciated.

1 Answer

Hello, we are sorry for responding you late. Please let us know if you are still having the same problem.

In case this problem is still occurring, Please make sure you have permissions to read the resources from S3 bucket where you keep your training images and manifest files. For more details, please see the guideline here:

To better assist you, you can open a support case following the instructions: Thanks,

answered 2 years ago

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