Strange cost of ALB in two regions! why?



I have ALB for a busy website in Bahrain, daily visits over 200K, yet the monthly cost of the ALB is less than $1.
Also, I have a small ec2 for 3 websites with ALB, and the monthly cost is $10. The maximum dialy visits for all websites is 3.

Middle East (Bahrain)
Elastic Load Balancing - Application$0.85
USD0.0 per Hrs for LoadBalancerUsage:LoadBalancing:Application usage in Middle East (Bahrain)696.000 Hrs$0.00
USD0.0 per LCU-Hrs for LCUUsage:LoadBalancing:Application usage in Middle East (Bahrain)15.000 LCU-Hrs$0.00
USD0.0088 per LCU-Hrs for LCUUsage:LoadBalancing:Application in Middle East (Bahrain)96.111 LCU-Hrs$0.85

US East (N. Virginia)
Elastic Load Balancing - Application$9.55
$0.008 per used Application load balancer capacity unit-hour (or partial hour)1.515 LCU-Hrs$0.01
$0.0225 per Application LoadBalancer-hour (or partial hour)424.000 Hrs$9.54

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No idea?!?
is this the right place for such post?

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answered 4 years ago

Ok, I got ... in case someone else reading this, the Bahrain region still under free tier.

answered 4 years ago

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