How can I Reset AWS Root Account’s Lost MFA Device Faster by Using the AWS Management Console


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I think you have also experienced this problem. I deleted the google authenticator app on my old phone and didn't move the account. On my new phone, I can't get the verification code. How can I re-enable 2fa app for my root account. I looked at many articles and progressed by marking troubleshooting, but it keeps looping. As a result, how can you disable and re-enable 2fa in your root accounts without entering the console?

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If you have access to the root account email address, and the phone NUMBER associated with the account, you can reset your mfa using this procedure:

If you do NOT have access to the phone number, you can follow this procedure:

If neither of the above 2 procedures work for you, you will need to contact AWS support using this form:

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Helo Matt-B, firstly thank your answer. But after 4th step unfortunately looping.

Sign in using your AWS account root user email address. On the Root user sign in page, enter the password of your root account. On the Amazon Web Services Sign In With Authentication Device page, choose Troubleshoot MFA? Click here. Enter image description here On the Troubleshoot Your Authentication Device page, choose Sign In using alternative factors. Enter image description here

it certainly doesn't point me to a verification system.

There is a problem with other steps as well.


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