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EC2 to RDS write down speed


we have migrated our current db from a dedicated server, on OVH, to an postgres RDS DB on AWS. In our old set up, we had the postgres db running on ubuntu os. The same server also ran the scripts that were writing data to the db. It was lightning fast because it was writing locally. I was hoping having a RDS db in the same VPC as a separate EC2 instance would be fast as writing it locally. (I know that was silly) What are my solutions here? Is this even possible? We are paying 10x the amount for the RDS as compared to the dedicated server. We are new to AWS so help is needed.

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Thanks for reaching out to AWS re:Post - In this scenario I would recommend to check "why" the slowness is seen. Is it due to network bottleneck - is it due to RDS resource bottleneck or something other than that.

Now - the solution would be either to troubleshoot the bottlenecks or revert back to EC2 via Database Migration Service or by native dump methods - I would also recommend you to talk to your account manager (in-case you have a support plan) and request for a Solutions Architect to be on your project to do a well architected review

answered 13 days ago
  • Thanks for your reply. If we had the RDS on a private subnet and the web app on a public subnet, both with in the same group, would the write down be as fast as if the web app was just writing down locally to a db with in the instance? The current set up is web app and postgres db are on the same server so write downs take 10 seconds for our script. When running the same script on a EC2 and writing down to the RDS db it takes 1:30 minutes. Is it even possible to get it as fast as the old set up?


Dear Customer - Thank You for writing back - Well, in this case network speeds needs to be measured - please feel free to reach out to our AWS Support Team and they will be able to assist you by diving deep on your network and confirming if they see any bottleneck

Hope I was-able to assist in your-task

answered 13 days ago

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