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Is there a cost for the data transfer between Redshift and QuickSight



in the case a customer uses QuickSight to Access data within a VPC (as in on which, for example, redshift is running, will the customer be charged for data transfer out of the the VPC. If yes, will the cost be based on the PrivateLink price, the Internet price or another price

Thanks a lot

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"Network traffic from Amazon QuickSight then originates from this network interface when Amazon QuickSight connects to a database or other instance within your VPC using a VPC connection. Because this network interface exists inside your VPC, traffic originating from it can reach destinations within your VPC using their private IP addresses."

It's not PrivateLink - it is an ENI in the VPC which allows QuickSight to access data sources within a VPC. Since it is an ENI there's no data transfer fee within an AZ. If the traffic cross AZs there'd be an inter-AZ data transfer fee.

answered 3 years ago

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