Resource Utilization for Fargate ECS


A customer is in the midst of transitioning their ECS workload from running on EC2 hosts to Fargate.

As a part of this process,they'd like to ensure their ECS tasks are appropriately sized in terms of CPU and Memory reservation - ideally to maximize resource utilization while ensuring they can scale horizontally when necessitated by workload requirements.

I've not had much success finding advice on what CPU / Memory utilization % targets to shoot for. if anyone can provide insight or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

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The general answer is that they would need to load test their application and determine how much vCPU and memory the application needs. Since they are currently using ECS/EC2, they should be able to look at their existing metrics and get an understanding of how much vCPU and memory their tasks are using in production and define task size and scaling parameters based on that.

Container Insights is useful for this purpose:

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