No 'Time with time zone' data type in AWS Glue Crawler


I have a PostgreSQL database created in Amazon RDS. In that database, there is table with a column whose data type is 'time with time zone'. When I crawl this table using AWS Glue Crawler, this column's data type is shown as 'timestamp'. When I try to edit the schema, there is no 'time' datatype in the list. What should I do to solve the issue? Any help is appreciated.

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Timestamp with Time Zone is not supported by the glue crawler or by Athena.

Timestamp would be automatically identified if it is in the java.sql.Timestamp format, i.e. yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss[.f...] by the Glue crawler. see this link for timestamp format:

option 1 - You could use CAST() to convert string with timezone into timestamp

option 2 - you could write an custom classifier. refer to for TIMEZONE and DATESTAMP

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