Having issues saving on elasticbeanstalk


AWS has recently changed their UI, and when i try to change EBS settings for logging and click saves, it loads for a bit and then does nothing, therefore not saving my recent changes. is anyone experiencing this issue ?

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**To troubleshoot this issue, you can try the following steps: **

  1. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to modify EBS settings.
  2. Try using a different browser or device to see if the issue persists.
  3. Clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.
  4. Check if there are any AWS service or infrastructure issues by visiting the AWS Service Health Dashboard (https://status.aws.amazon.com/).
  5. Try accessing the EBS settings from the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs to see if the issue persists. Contact AWS support if the issue persists.

AWS support can help you troubleshoot the issue and escalate it to the appropriate team for further investigation.

answered 12 days ago

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