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IVS can't create Recording Configuration


Hi All, Please help me, when I created Recording Configuration in IVS (Amazon Interactive Video Service) show error:

"This recording configuration cannot be used." " There was an error while creating this recording configuration. It cannot be associated with any channels and can be safely deleted."

My region is: Europe (Ireland) eu-west-1

Thank everybody.

1 Answers

You may first want to validate that your AWS account has the proper permissions and roles to create IVS Recording Configurations in eu-west-1, as well as S3 buckets. Some corporate IT orgs restrict employee AWS account service access to as needed and block usage of other services. If account permissions, are not the issue, then select the eu-west-1 region in the AWS console, go to the IVS service page. From the menu on the left select Recording Configurations. See if you can create the configuration there. Then add the Recoding config to an existing IVS channel (within same AWS region) or select it when creating a new IVS channel within the same region.

answered 5 months ago

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