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How to remove PinPoint service (not project)


I am getting charged for having Pinpoint. I don't want it. How can I completely remove it from my account?

Note: I don't even have any projects, nor ever did.

2 Answers

For some reason I am getting charged about $.60/month (or such). I have never used it. Also, I am getting a notice about a new AWS policy with phone numbers, yet I don't have any phone numbers.

I just want to nuke it.

answered 2 months ago


With Amazon Pinpoint, you pay only for what you use. There are no contract negotiations and no minimum charges.

Please check the Pinpoint pricing for details with respect to the charges. However, if you do not use the service, there should not be any charge associated to the same. Please reach out to the AWS Accounts and Billing team and they should be able to track down the usage and reimburse the costs, if unexplained.


answered 2 months ago

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