Is it safe to delete node group ?


Hello, I have two node group using the same IAM role. I want to delete one of the node groups as I no longer have use for it but the documentation says:

If you delete a managed node group that uses a node IAM role that isn't used by any other managed node group in the cluster, the role is removed from the aws-auth ConfigMap. If any of the self-managed node groups in the cluster are using the same node IAM role, the self-managed nodes move to the NotReady status. Additionally, the cluster operation are also disrupted. You can add the mapping back to the ConfigMap to minimize disruption.

I'm not sure what this means exactly. Does the rolearn key/value get removed from aws-auth configmap and I have to add it after the deletion otherwise my cluster operations get disrupted?

1 Answer

Yes you will have to add the mapping back to the ConfigMap if you remove one of the nodegrooup

answered 3 months ago

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