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/Access S3 as a Bind Mount from a Container/

Access S3 as a Bind Mount from a Container


I'd like my Linux docker container to have access to S3 as a bind mount. The only thing I'm finding so far is s3fs, for example, Is that recommended, or is there some better way? Ideally I'd see something detailed on, but I'm not seeing anything there on s3fs.

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Hello Matt, this happens because S3 is an object storage, not a file system. So you should interact with it with some APIs. If you want to mount the bucket as a file system you can use s3fs. if you don't like it as a solution, you should think of a service like EFS which can be mounted on the file system Thanks Joel

answered a month ago
  • That makes sense, thanks. I was hoping AWS would support some manner of mounting a bucket as a file system, or at least endorse s3fs or some other project out there. I didn't notice any AWS employees as significant contributors to s3fs, but it seems to be a pretty deep project. I'll probably go with that for now.

    As for using an S3 API, I may eventually do that, but for now I'm just looking to move some existing code to the cloud with minimal effort.

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