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AWS Step Function Retires | Retry With Jitter


In the Exponential Backoff And Jitter aws architecture blog article it discusses the importance of having jitter as part of your retry functionality. I am currently using the baked in retry functionality with the "BackoffRate" parameter for "exponential backoff" that step functions provides. However, as far as I can tell jitter is not implemented out of the box as part of that option. Is there a way to get this functionality from the as-is step functions implementation?

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Take a look here for error handling and retrying after an error. Note the BackoffRate param

Hope this helps!

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi Roi thanks for your answer! Unfortunately that only controls the "exponential backoff" portion that is discussed in the architecture blog article. It does not control the "jitter" portion of the article which is what my question was geared towards. I will modify the question so it is more clear.

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