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Administrator prevented from deleteing Backup Plan


I have followed the steps listed on

I requested to delete 1 "Resource assignments" - When I select aws/efs/automatic-backup-selection and click delete, I receive the following message

Access denied: Insufficient privileges to perform this action. Please consult with the account administrator for necessary permissions.

When I select 1 Backup rules related to aws/efs/automatic-backup-rule, the Delete option is not available.

When I select to delete aws/efs/automatic-backup-plan it gives me the same "Access denied, insufficient prileges..." message I receive when requesting to delete resources.

*The AWS account only has one user - I am logged in as root with that user. *

Can someone advise how to prevent the backups from occuring? They are not required.

asked 2 months ago36 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

It seems like you are trying to delete the default EFS backup plan which can't be deleted. According to the documentation and I quote "The backups created using the default EFS backup plan are stored in a default EFS backup vault, which is also created by EFS on your behalf. The default backup plan and backup vault cannot be deleted."

answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks - I noticed EFS Backup charges on my bill, which though small, were unexpected hence why I wanted to delete them. Perhaps AWS should reference this more clearly when one is apply EFS to an EC2.

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