Possible to Integrate Monitron Sensors into Lookout for Equipment


I have a customer that has a large amount of manufacturing equipment. Some of it is available to send inference data and sensor data to lookout, but a large amount of the legacy equipment is either not connected to the network or is on a closed loop, so the data cannot be transmitted. The solution for the legacy equipment would be Monitron sensors, however what I can't figure out is are Monitron sensors able to integrate with Lookout for Equipment, or are they a wholly closed ecosystem that only operates within the Monitron App? Obviously the ability to add sensors to legacy equipment that aren't capable of transmitting their own data would be invaluable, so it would surprise me if Amazon had a smart sensor for equipment that wasn't capable of integrating with it's equipment monitoring dashboard.

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Thank you for using AWS Monitron.

It is possible to Integrate Monitron Sensors into Lookout for Equipment. You can export monitron data using Kinesis and stick with process data before using with Lookout for Equipment. Please note, vibration data is an instantaneous measurement and is collected once per hr. For accurate inferencing of process and vibration data, the measurements need to be taken at the same time. If not, there is a higher chance of false positives.


[1] Amazon Monitron Kinesis data export - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/Monitron/latest/admin-guide/monitron-kinesis-export.html

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