get-domain-statistics-report doen't work


Hi, I'm trying to make pinpointemail.getDomainStatisticsReport JS API method work but I'm getting an error

      Domain: ' ',
      StartDate: 1550059328,
      EndDate: 1550404838
    .then(result => {

Always returns BadRequestException: Start date must be specified.

I'v tried with ISO dates and unix timestamps.

AWS CLI method doesn't work either

aws pinpoint-email get-domain-statistics-report --domain  --start-date 1547812823 --end-date 1550404838

Returns: An error occurred (500) when calling the GetDomainStatisticsReport operation (reached max retries: 4): Internal Server Error

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The domain statistics report is part of the Deliverability Dashboard feature of Amazon Pinpoint. Have you enabled the Deliverability Dashboard feature?

It's not clear from our documentation, but you have to enable the Deliverability Dashboard feature in order to run getDomainStatisticsReport. You can learn more about the Deliverability Dashboard at

By the way, the API expects a Unix timestamp, but it appears that the CLI will accept an ISO 8601 formatted string and convert it appropriately.

I apologize for the omission. I'll make sure we get our documentation updated as soon as possible.

Thank you for using Amazon Pinpoint.

Brent @ AWS

answered 4 years ago

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