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/Greengrass V2 read-only/read-write directories settings/

Greengrass V2 read-only/read-write directories settings


In previous version of Greengrass Core (1.11) there was a possibility to configure read-only and read-write parts of the GGC (
I'm experimenting with Greengrass Core V2 and cannot find anything similar settings in new version (nothing in the new documentation about it). It's quite important for us because our setup is using RO and RW partitions. We would like to have possibility to install Greengrass Core on RO partition and have RW parts of GGC in different place.

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Hi Szymon999,

Thanks for using Greengrass. The entire v2 Greengrass root directory should be read-write.

What is your use cases of installing GGC in RO partition?
1. Do you want to keep the certs and private key files in RO partition?
1. Will you use over-the-air update of GG software?
1. Will you use deployments to deploy components and make config updates to GG?

answered a year ago

We have our systems configured so that the main part is RO. This is the place we wanted to have GGC installed. It would be great to have a possibility to configure RW directories (logs/components/etc). It was possible in previous version - that's why I'm asking.

answered a year ago

Hi. We have the same problem. Our IoT devices are based on a Linux image that includes Greengrass software. We update our software by flashing a new image, and the flashed image appears a read-only root filesystem on the device.

We use the writeDirectory setting ( to make Greengrass write its data on a separate data partition. This way we can update Greengrass along with the rest of the system and let it keep its own data in the data partition.

How can we do this with Greengrass V2? This feature is very important for us and we would like very much to upgrade to V2.

answered a year ago

Hi Clouden,

For Greengrass deployments and OTA updates to work, you will need to treat all of Greengrass V2 root directly as RW i.e. what the 'writeDirectory' in GG v1 signifies and you can host the Greengrass distribution artifacts to install from i.e. the Greengrass.jar file, the loader file and optionally depending on your use case the thing cert/private key/root CA files as read only when loading as part of your linux image, please refer to for further discussion on this topic.


answered a year ago

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