Auto-tune in openserach service does not start


Guys, I have an opensearch service cluster and I enabled auto-tune 3 days ago to make improvements to the environment, and run in the off-peak windows window, but auto-tune still hasn't done any action and your graph shows the amount 0.

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There are a few reasons why autotune might not have taken any actions yet, even though it's been 3 days:

  1. Not Enough Data: Autotune needs to gather performance metrics in order to make recommendations. It might need more data, especially if your off-peak window is narrow or your cluster traffic is low. This could take a few days to gather enough information.
  2. Off-Peak Window Timing: Can you confirm that at least one iteration of your off peak window occurred in the last 3 days?.
  3. Unsupported Configurations: Instance Type: Autotune isn't supported on T2 or T3 instance types. OpenSearch Version: Ensure your OpenSearch version is 6.7 or later

Are any autotune events being created?

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