can you remove an blocked ip in aws WAF?


I am testing my api with some aws managed waf rules. for testing i've put rate limit such that if there are more than 100 request per 5 minutes, my ip gets blocked. after the testing , once i make more than 100 request in a 5 minute period , how do i unblock my IP. can i do it from console.

1 Answer

You can list the IPs blocked by the rate limiting using the commands listed here:

You can't delete IPs blocked by a rate limiting rule but they will be removed automatically once the rate from this IP drops below what you have specified in your rule.

When the rule action triggers, AWS WAF applies the action to additional requests from the IP address until the request rate falls below the limit. It can take a minute or two for the action change to go into effect. -

answered 2 years ago

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