Advisor says: "SPF record for Amazon SES was not found."


Hi, I've just set up a domain for SES, custom EMAIL FROM, all DNS records good (3 DKIM, 1 MX, 1 TXT). However after enabling Advisor it still tells me that "SPF record for Amazon SES was not found.".

Can you tell me what could it be? Bug in advisor?

  • I also have this issue. All my MAIL FROM set up is showing as verified and I have confirmed that the correct SPF records exist, but still Advisor reports "SPF record for Amazon SES was not found" for some of my domains (but not all). Any ideas how to resolve this?

  • Have the same issue. Anyone found a solution. Tested with and TXT record was found and formatting verified. Anyone ?

  • Same issue here. Mxtoolbox sees the SPF record plain as day.

    @Zsolt @Gavin @Jens did this get resolved for you? Hoping this is a DNS propagation issue as described by the docs and @Burhan... but I doubt it because it's been 2+ days and prior DNS changes with my host go through in 24 hrs... plus obviously Mxtoolbox is seeing the SPF record.

  • Same issue here. The message in advisor has been there for more than 200 days. Our SPF record is there, works fine, we can send emails from SES. We have multiple domains in our SPF record, might be why on our end.

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You'll need to setup a specific TXT record that allows to send emails on behalf of your custom domain. If you have already followed the instruction here to add the custom record, then you'll need to give some time for DNS records to propagate so that SES can see the updated records.

This process usually take a few minutes, but it may take up to 72 hours. Once the domain setup is verified, you'll receive an email from SES informing you that the domain is setup correctly.

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  • I did all those, received the emails saying that everything is correct. Yet, the advisor still says that.

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