Root cannot view EB environments created by IAM


I have a root account which has SSL certificates in ACM, and I have an IAM user who has created an Elastic Beanstalk environment to which I would like to attach this SSL certificate. However:
-When I am logged in as root, I cannot see the EB environments
-When I am logged in as IAM, I cannot find the SSL certificate

The IAM user has "full AWS access" and is under my organization. All resources and accounts are using the same region. Service control policies do not seem to be the solution in my research and experimentation.

This may be a quick fix and due to my inexperience with AWS, but I have scoured forums and have not come up with a reason for why the root user should not be able to see or access the elastic beanstalk environments created by the IAM user within the same organization.

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Resolved this issue - the "IAM" user was not actually an IAM user but a separate root user in the organization. It was created by the primary root user under the impression that it was IAM. These resources cannot be shared between root users.

answered 4 years ago

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