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Can't Find Support Page


A while ago I saw a section of your site where you could contact an AWS representative for support, and they would be on a live chat and then you’d pay them somewhere around £5 for that one time. Do you know where I was on the AWS site? It's not the £29 a month plan. I can’t remember the page/URL for the life of me. I’ve checked my browser history manually up to a year ago. There was a list of chats down the left hand side, and it was people contacting me regarding my question, and I chose one and he helped me. 1000000% through the AWS site. I can’t even find it in my emails.


Ryder Cragie

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asked a month ago41 views
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Hi Ryder,

It sounds like you might be looking for AWS IQ, which allows you to you create a request for help and chat with experts before choosing one to assist with your project.

For more details, visit our AWS IQ page here:

Best regards,

— Kita B.

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answered a month ago
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reviewed a month ago
  • That's the one! Thank you so much! Bookmarking this a million times.

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