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[Announcement] AWS announces support for Android, iOS, and MacOS games with AWS GameKit for Unreal Engine


AWS GameKit is now extended to support Android, iOS, and MacOS games developed with Unreal Engine. AWS GameKit, launched on March 23, 2022, gives game developers a powerful tool set to quickly and easily build AWS powered game features directly from the Unreal Editor. With today's update, the AWS GameKit plugin for Unreal Engine now supports developers who are building games for Win 64, Android, iOS, and MacOS. Game developers can use the AWS GameKit plugin for Unreal Engine to integrate the following cloud-based game features: Identity and Authentication, Achievements, Game State Cloud Saving, and User Gameplay Data. With this release, these features can now be configured and packaged into games that run on mobile devices and PC.

AWS GameKit includes complete solution for each game feature and an architecture design based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Each feature comes with an AWS CloudFormation template for the backend architecture, plugin controls to manage the backend from the Unreal Editor, and sample C++ code and Blueprint assets to help you integrate the feature into your game. AWS CloudFormation templates provision all of the AWS resources needed to power each game feature and can be set up with just a few clicks and no prior experience with AWS tools and services. After the game backend is configured, simply add cloud-based feature functionality to the game client by calling the AWS GameKit API.

AWS GameKit is a powerful tool set for game developers who want to self-manage a game's cloud resources. Each feature is fully customizable and runs in the developer's AWS account. Get started fast with the core AWS GameKit solutions, and customize and extend build to meet the needs of your game. AWS GameKit provides access to the source code to give visibility into each game feature and the ability to customize.

With AWS GameKit, you can deploy backend services for your game to any of 17 AWS Regions, depending on resource availability for each of the game features. These AWS Regions include: US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (Oregon, N. California), Canada (Central), South America (Sao Paulo), EU (Ireland, London, Paris, Frankfurt), Europe (Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney), Middle East (Bahrain).

Learn more and download AWS GameKit from the AWS GameKit website or our GitHub Repository. Visit AWS re:post to reach out to us with any questions or share tips with other AWS GameKit users. Help us iterate and expand our game feature sets by sharing feedback and feature requests. If you are interested in joining the AWS GameKit interest list to receive latest news and updates, please fill out this form to stay up to date on announcements.

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