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redshift resume issue today


Do we have an issue on the redshift resume function today? I resumed a 1 node dc2.large for testing and its been almost an hour in modifying (resume) state. Normally it resumes after 5 to 10 minutes. Thanks

asked 2 months ago33 views
1 Answers

I assume that you checked the cluster status on the Redshift console. In that case, it's possible that your cluster was already available but the Redshift console didn't update it until an hour later.

My workaround: use AWS CLI to check the cluster status every couple of minutes. For example, run this command:

aws redshift describe-clusters --cluster-identifier 'cluster_identifier/name' --query 'Clusters[].{ClusterIdentifier:ClusterIdentifier,ClusterStatus:ClusterStatus,ClusterAvailabilityStatus:ClusterAvailabilityStatus}' --region XXX --profile YYY

and you'll see something like

        "ClusterIdentifier": "cluster-name",
        "ClusterStatus": "available",
        "ClusterAvailabilityStatus": "Available"

This cluster status result from AWS CLI is apparently more reliable than the Redshift console.

  • If the status shows "resuming" for a long time: it means the resume process indeed takes longer and you should reach out to the AWS Premium Support.
  • If the status shows "available" shortly in 5~10min: your cluster is available now, try connecting to it with SQL client apps. When Redshift console shows the cluster is resuming, you can't use the Redshift Query Editor.
  • Otherwise if the below workaround doesn't work for you, or you are seeking for a permanent fix, open a case to the AWS Premium Support, Redshift team.
answered 2 months ago

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