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I'm trying to install Windows Updates on my AWS Appstream image using "Managed Image Updates". No matter if I do it from Console or CLI I received the follwing error: "Error. Image is already up to date for account . Try again later."

from CLI: aws appstream create-updated-image --existing-image-name --new-image-name --new-image-display-name

"An error occurred (OperationNotPermittedException) when calling the CreateUpdatedImage operation: Image is already up to date for account. Try again later."

I'm looking for the reason for failure. I know that this image is missing at least patches for the last two months.

Very much appreciate any help ;)


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I want to come back to this topic.

I could to update this image in Agust 2022 but I couldn't use auto update feature any time after Spetember 2022. Can you tell me what is the reason? What I should do to install the latest patches in monthly basis?

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  • I did tell you the answer.

  • If you want monthly patches, use a tool outside of AS2 to perform them or do it manually.


This error message indicates that the image you are trying to update is already up to date and no new updates are available for it. This may happen if the image was recently updated or if the updates for the image have already been installed.

You can verify the update status of the image by checking the LastUpdated timestamp of the image in the Appstream console or by using the describe-images API.

It's also recommended to check if the image is in the available state. It's not possible to update an image that is being used by a fleet or is in the process of being deleted.

If the image is not up to date and in the available state, you can try the following solutions:

Check if the image is in the correct region. You can only update images in the same region as the Appstream service endpoint you are using. Check if the image is associated with the correct Appstream resource. Make sure you are updating the correct image and not an image that belongs to another account or resource. check if there's any network restriction or firewall rules blocking access to the required updates.

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Hi Tasadduq,

Thank you for your reply. I've checked all things that you mentioned. I cannot find the "LastUpdated" information either in the Console or the command line. The image state is "AVAILABLE" and the image is associated with the working fleet.

cli screenshot

I'm still looking for the solution and testing something with a new test image.

Best Regards, Cris

answered 2 years ago

Even if Microsoft updates have been released, managed image updates doesn't take updates directly from Microsoft. Managed image updates is pulling from the service's most recent image recipe. Please review our public documentation for base image version history.

...the latest managed AppStream 2.0 image updates for the Windows platform were released on June 20, 2022

answered 2 years ago

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