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/Creating schema with type "null" for genres throws error on AWS Console for Amazon Personalize/

Creating schema with type "null" for genres throws error on AWS Console for Amazon Personalize


Using a web console for Amazon Personalize for creating item datasets, it throws an error "GENRES field cannot be of type null" when trying to create an item schema with GENRES that contains type "null". But the documentation has GENRES with type null for imperfect data. Also, it throws an error "schema is missing required field genres" if it's not included in the schema, which is odd, because the documentation says that the item schema requires ITEM_ID, CREATION_TIMESTAMP, and 1 metadata field where the table doesn't even mention genres.

However, we could create the schema without genres when using the AWS SDK. Is this a bug in AWS console? or is it a new requirement that hasn't been updated on SDK?

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Solved the issue, we were using "Video-On-Demand" instead of custom model, and the requirements were different.

answered 11 days ago

If you are using a Custom Dataset Group you can define your own schema and allow for null values in a "GENRES" column:

  "name": "GENRES",
  "type": [
  "categorical": true

There is no requirement to have a "GENRES" metadata field in Custom Dataset Groups.

However, if you created a Domain Dataset Group, for instance:

response = personalize.create_dataset_group( 

In the 'VIDEO_ON_DEMAND' domain "GENRES" is a required field (Documentation) and will give an error if not provided.

answered 11 days ago

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