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Hi, I have a free account to try out AWS. I created a Windows instance in EC2 and later terminated it. It still hasn't dropped of the list of instances in the management console even though its status is "Terminated," and its associated volume remains stuck in a "Deleting" state. Is there something I can do? Instance ID: i-0d614168a481e54cf Volume ID: vol-054588e168e529674

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Terminated instances remain visible after termination (for approximately one hour). By default, Amazon EC2 deletes all EBS volumes that were attached when the instance launched. You can check after a while, it will be disappeared. When the instance became terminated, you wont be charged for the instance runtime cost in relevant.

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  • Thank you for your response. I didn't realize that they can linger around that long. In the past I've been spoiled by seeing them disappear immediately. I checked just now and both the instance and the volume are gone.

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