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Is it possible to check video on corruption witouth encoding?


I am using AWS Elastic Transcoder to encode videos from different formats to mp4. Also I have videos with mp4 extension as input at my application. I need to check all the videos on corruption before displaying them for user. Transcoder does it automatically for encoding jobs. I don't want to encode mp4 files and want to leave them as is, but I want to check them on corruption. Is it achivable by AWS Elastic Transcoder or any other AWS service?

3 Answers

Depending on what type of corruption you wish to check for, there are different tools that can be used. MediaInfo, an industry popular application, can provide metadata details on resolution, framerate, bitrate and other generic parameters. There are other 3rd party tools that can validate the actual video and audio within a file. These can be run manually or triggered automatically, yet take longer to run. Using Lambda functions, an file upload to an S3 bucket can trigger a Lambda function (or Step Function - a sequence of Lambdas) that calls MediaInfo to determine if/how to transcode the file.

Perhaps you could consider using MediaConvert instead of Elastic Transcode. MediaConvert is more powerful, provides better video quality and is less expensive. The above mentioned Lambda functions could be used to call one of several pre-defined MediaConvert Transcode Templates, based on metadata details that were discovered.

answered 3 months ago

There's are quality control tools like this one you can buy.

answered 2 months ago

here two more QC tools:

Aurora and Vidchecker from Telestream -

Pulsar from Venera Technologies -

answered 2 months ago

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