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Rhytmic Noise Blasts on audio track when converting from ProRes HQ


Hi there,

I am building a converting service around MediaConvert using boto3 and it mostly runs as expected, returning informative error messages in cases it doesn't. So, firstly - thanks to the AWS engineering team for this piece of solid work, great job! :)

The problem I face has to do with converting a set of ProRes 422 HQ files coming from the outside. No matter how I fiddle with the console settings, and I have been doing it for two days straight, the output's audio track always contains sharp waves of massive noise, hitting in even, ~1sec intervals. No converting errors occurred otherwise.

What I tried:

  1. converting files from other sources into ProRes 422 Proxy (my desired format) -> no problem;

  2. converting the said, outside ProresHQ files into other formats, like .mp4, with different video & audio codecs, settings. etc. -> the problem remains.

Natural assumption would be that the input files are just broken -- but they're not, as the originals have a regular, audible audio track upon playing.

Check it out: Input, Output

My Example Settings JSON

As an AWS newbie I would really appreciate any hints towards possible source of the problem and provide further info if necessary.


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1 Answer

@JStrebeyko, do you have other sources in the same format that you can test with. There may be something wrong with the audio in the source you provided. Unclear what that may be.

MediaConvert can work with ProResHQ sources with PCM S24 BE audio (the formats of your source). Running tests on the source you provided creates the same noise burst audio you detail, no matter what the audio output, even WAV files (that don' encode audio).

Please submit an AWS Support ticket, specifically for MediaConvert and include the source file you have here. The MediaConvert team will be able to determine what may be the issue with the source audio, or if MediaConvert is having difficulty with ingesting it.

Thanks. Mike

answered 8 months ago
  • Hi there, thanks for the reply!

    Here are some more samples: The captured video / audio are all outputs of the mainstream RED Komodo camera. Please note - the files themselves have a clear, audible audio track.

    The issue described above can be circumvented, if the file first gets muxed clean, like ffmpeg -i -c copy Unfortunately, the method does to scale well for our needs, the root cause is still sought.

    The ticket has been passed to the team. Will keep you updated.

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