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/R20210426-P2 software update - does that upgrade ElascticSearch version?/

R20210426-P2 software update - does that upgrade ElascticSearch version?



It looks like the R20210426-P2 software upgrade is being pushed on us by AWS and is a mandatory upgrade.

My question:

  • does R20210426-P2 software upgrade actually upgrade the ES version number?

It would be bad if that happened because our application - Magento 2.3.3 can only accept 6.8/6.9 and not 7.x+

Additional question:
Is the there a way to backup your domain / nodes / ES instance?


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Accepted Answer

The mandatory upgrade will not change your ES version.

For backups - you can take a snapshot of the data into your own S3 bucket via the instructions here - This is in addition to the automated backups that you already get for free on AWS.

answered a year ago

Can you please let us know what is contained in the upgrade?

Why is there no page where we can see a clear changelog of changes?

answered a year ago

Agree with what aviau said above.

Our company maintains aws resources for clients, so we are responsible to clearly know what each update does and what kind of effect this update will make. Specifically, for the update R20210426-P2 discussed here, we wonder

1) Will this update result in a downtime of the elasticsearch domain? If so, for how long?
2) What exactly does this update do and is for?


answered a year ago

Any update on this? What changes does this update contain? Where can we go to find details on these updates?

answered a year ago


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answered a year ago

This was some internal AWS software update. It did not update Elastic Search version.

The update took about 30 minutes of downtime (2 small clusters).

answered 10 months ago

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