Google sites unable to verify DNS via TXT record method


Purchased domain through AWS. Built site through Google. Trying to connect the two. Google can't (won't) verify based on TXT method after more than 72 hrs. DNS TXT is there. Any thing I might be missing?

  • Are you able to resolve the TXT record publicly yourself using dig or nslookup? For example "dig TXT <yourdomainwithTXTrecord>" or "nslookup -type=TXT <yourdomainwithTXTrecord>"

    Also, what is your domain name?

    I suspect there might be a propagation issue/name server mismatch which in turn causes Google to fail to resolve the TXT record for verification, however, we will need more information to confirm.

1 Answer

Yes. I can resolve the TXT record on nslookup

answered 2 months ago

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