GroundTruth Text labeling tasks failing


I have a text labeling job currently running, but I am getting an alert that many tasks are failing. The realted cloudwatch log error message is:

{"event-name":"HUMAN_TASK_FAILED","event-log-message":"ERROR: Human task failed for line 6."}

The error in the output.manifest is:

"metadata":{"retry-count":1,"failure-reason":"ClientError: Annotation tasks expired.  Probable Reasons are 1) TaskAvailabilityLifetimeInSeconds parameter is too small.  2) Reward is too low for workers to work on the task.  3) If you use a custom html template, your template may be broken.  4) Data (image/video/text) sent for annotation is broken or too big, preventing completion.  5) All workers declined the tasks.","human-annotated":"true"}

But I don't know how to interprete it and can't find any mention of it online, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hello, could you provide more context of the labeling job that is failing ? Like who are the workers (internal team, third-party workers, Mechanical Turk) performing the labeling job and what customizations have been done

  • Hi! I have four workers in a private team, only one of which is currently active and there is no issues on their side. I have made no customizations. I don't know if this helps... Thanks!

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Based on the error message, for the files that were not labeled due to the task failure, have the workers been able to view those files for labeling ? Still on the same files, did you notice any correlation with file size or perhaps encoding ?

answered 2 years ago
  • Workers were able to view and label those files, size doesn't seem to matter as both long and short documents sometimes succeded and sometimes failed. As for the encoding, that was my first guess, but I can't find any pattern or clue as to where the problem could be. For instance this document failed "doc_id\u003d36028\nanafilassi da ibuprofene" while this one "doc_id\u003d4962523\nreazione anafilattica di ndd" was accepted.

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