Possible to save Honeycode data directly to Dynamodb



I am working on serverless application, and i was looking for something handle the frontend part and I found Honeycode since its native and its codeless.

So is it possible to my Honeycode app save the data directly to Dynamodb so I can expose the read operation to those data via (API Gateway > lambda > Dynamodb) ??

one way i found is to use zapier to trigger Honeycode and insert in dynamodb, but i think we may use something native aws

So my admin staff will use Honeycode to add products for example and my customers will expose the API

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please look at this example on how to use the HoneyCode table APIs to integrate with Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.

The sample code shows how to import data from S3 and DDB, and how to export to S3. You should be able to change the code from write to S3 to Write to DDB.

hope this helps.

answered 2 years ago

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