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How to connect via adb to a (Remote Session) Android Device on AWS Device Farm


Hi everyone, I have the same question with the author from

It seems like the answer is archived so please let me put it here again.

""" Can I connect to Android device during a remote session via adb?

I would need to connect to the Android device via adb( using tcpip mode) but I presume, I can't connect to a specific device via a public IP(?) so how can I connect from a ubuntu-server ec2 instance or a local machine to a device farm Android device during a remote session?

During the remote access session, the device has private ip, offcourse (e.g. Would using a VPC help in this regard?

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. """"

Hope for your help! Thank you!

1 Answers

Today, the ability to connect from your local machine to an Android device in AWS Device Farm over adb is not available for remote access. However, you can execute adb commands during an automation test session using the yaml file in custom mode of execution on Device Farm. Note, this still does not give you the ability to connect from your host machine directly to the device in Device Farm.

answered 2 months ago

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