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Snapshot of AWS lex Build is not scalable or maintainable


Question regarding AWS Lex: We are using AWS lex for the chatbot, however we want to track the version of training data we give to lex, and the build results, in console, build results are evident. However after the build of bot, we only want to update our external data snapshot on the intents that are changed not the entire list. The build often fails with some error which is not tractable via automation pipeline apart from the console making low-code chatbot setup not maintainable.

1 Answer

Hello, thank you for reaching out.

Can you please open a support case with AWS so that one of support engineer can take a look. These are very generic statements about build failure. We will require below information on the support case so that we can point you to the right direction.

  1. Is it Lex V1 or V2?
  2. Error logs?
  3. What automation are you using?
  4. Details of console error?

Thank you.

answered a month ago

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