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I am looking to switch regions on one of my greengrass core devices. Is the easiest way just to delete the core device and install new in the new region? then re-deploy the components?


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The easiest way to change the Greengrass Core device region is to recreate the Greengrass Core in the new region using the Greengrass installer instructions and then redeploying the components.

If there is no component state data that must be preserved, I would also suggest to remove the /greengrass/v2/ folder completely and reinstall.

If data should be preserved, I would suggest to first remove all components from the current region, then run the installer for the new region (without removing the /greengrass/v2 folder) and finally redeploying the same components in the new region.

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If you want to switch your AWS Greengrass core device to a different region, you don't necessarily need to delete and re-create the device. Instead, you can simply update the configuration of the existing device to point to the new region.

Here are the general steps you can follow to switch the region of your Greengrass core device:

  1. Stop the Greengrass daemon running on the core device.
  2. Update the configuration file for the core device to point to the new region. The configuration file is typically located at /greengrass/config/config.json. Edit the "aws.greengrass.core.region" key to reflect the new region you want to use.
  3. Restart the Greengrass daemon.
  4. Update the subscription configuration for any Lambda functions running on the core device to use the new region. This may require updating the ARN of the Lambda function to reflect the new region.
  5. Redeploy any components that depend on the region, as they may need to be updated to use the new region-specific endpoints.

That being said, if you prefer to delete and re-create the Greengrass core device in the new region, you can do so as well. Just be aware that this will require you to re-provision and configure the new device from scratch, which may be more time-consuming than simply updating the configuration of the existing device.

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