How do I know why my application is not being deployed?


Hello everyone,

I am using the AWS app runner service to deploy an application coded with Flask. Here is my yaml file "apprunner" :

version: 1.0
runtime: python3 
      - yum -y install git
      - pip install -r requirements.txt
      - pip install -e git+
  command: python

I tested the last command locally and my web application worked perfectly. But when I am creating the service and deploying it, I get the following logs :

08-18-2022 05:18:45 PM [AppRunner] Failed to deploy your application source code.
08-18-2022 05:10:36 PM [Build] Successfully tagged application-image:latest
08-18-2022 05:10:36 PM [Build] Successfully built ecfdf95e65ad
08-18-2022 05:10:36 PM [Build]  ---> ecfdf95e65ad
08-18-2022 05:10:36 PM [Build] Removing intermediate container c58cebc4e5d9
08-18-2022 05:10:36 PM [Build]  ---> Running in c58cebc4e5d9
08-18-2022 05:10:36 PM [Build] Step 7/7 : EXPOSE 8080

How can I get more informations about what was wrong in my code ?

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