Cannot create an IAM Identity Center administrative user following the documentation


I'm carefully following the steps in the official documentation on creating an IAM user, but on Step 4 things just get out of sync with the instructions.

Following the guidance in Step 2, I created my first IAM account.

In Step 3 I created the administrative permission set.

And now in Step 4 where I should assign the created permission set to the IAM user, I just don't see this user in the tree-view.

Any ideas on how to get the IAM user I created in the "Multi-account permissions" > "AWS accounts" list?

Thanks in advance.

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So, it seems one has to do one non-obvious thing: to assign permissions for the new user, one literally has to "Assign users or groups" to the old user in the UI:

Enter image description here


Anyways, it seemed to solve the problem. Yahoo!

Yet, there are 4 more steps ahead. Good luck to me!

answered 8 months ago
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