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How can I retrieve the 'platformDetails' property via the EC2 API?


I'm using the EC2 API's DescribeInstances method, which returns 'platform' but not 'platformDetails':

I can see both 'platform' and 'platformDetails' properties for my EC2 VMs when viewing them in the admin console, and they are described in the Instance type:

How can I retrieve the 'platformDetails' via the web API?


1 Answer

I have used AWS CLI ec2 describe-instances, and successfully retreived the value of platformDetails. You may use describe-instances for platformDetails fields.

Here is what I executed.

$ aws --debug ec2 describe-instances --query 'Reservations[].Instances[].{id:InstanceId,platformDetails:PlatformDetails}'

You can get the debug output from the response body to describeInstance API.

I can find the platformDetails field in the response body XML.

answered 12 days ago
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