MySQL upgrade to version 8.0.17


I've been struggling with the bug #92976 for the past 4-5 months.
Today MYSQL relased version 8.0.17 which fixes said bug. Does anyone know if there will be an upgrade to MYSQL 8.0.17? I really need it!

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Same here, the bug for me is using JSON tables inside a function that was fixed in 8.0.17. Really need this as it speeds up my SQL by 20%

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+1 need json_table fixes

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I understand that you want to know when RDS MySQL 8.0.17 version will be available.

As you might be aware, Amazon RDS currently supports the following minor versions for MySQL 8.0, and MySQL 8.0.16 is the latest one for RDS MySQL 8.0 at present.

  • 8.0.16
  • 8.0.15
  • 8.0.13
  • 8.0.11

I would like to inform you that MySQL 8.0.17 is in the roadmap for RDS MySQL. At this point, there is no ETA as when RDS MySql version 8.0.17.

Also as mentioned in the RDS FAQ's:

Does Amazon RDS provide guidelines for support of new DB engine versions?
Over time, Amazon RDS adds support for new major and minor database engine versions. The number of new versions supported will vary based on the frequency and content of releases and patches from the engine’s vendor or development organization, and the outcome of a thorough vetting of these releases and patches by our database engineering team. However, as a general guidance, we aim to support new engine versions within 5 months of their general availability.

I would like recommend you to consider keeping an eye on the below links and for announcements about new features and improvements to RDS and other AWS services that might be of interest to you.

I hope this helps.

Thank You.


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