Error while migrating aws opsworks stacks to aws systems manager


Following the steps from this blog post

The exporter script provided throws the error below:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 276, in <module> main() File "", line 234, in main export_stack(context) File "", line 163, in export_stack create_cloudformation_template(context, template_parameters) File "/home/ubuntu/migration/cloudformation/", line 57, in create_cloudformation_template param.apply_parameter_to_template(stack_exporter_context, yaml_template) File "/home/ubuntu/migration/cloudformation/", line 64, in apply_parameter_to_template self.value(template, stack_exporter_context) File "/home/ubuntu/migration/opsworks/", line 521, in append_target_group_and_listener stickiness_config) File "/home/ubuntu/migration/opsworks/", line 373, in append_target_groups_to_cfn_template health_check_info = tg_healthcheck(listener, health_check) File "/home/ubuntu/migration/opsworks/", line 541, in tg_healthcheck health_check_path = '/' + health_check['Target'].split(':')[1].split('/', 1)[1] IndexError: list index out of range

Has anyone ran into this or found a way to resolve this?


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I would suggest passing "None" in the command line parameter --lb-type and then migrate your load balancer separately.

There was a version "released" May 25, but apparently there has been at least 2 updates since then. Make sure you have downloaded the most recent version as well. The ETag on the most recent S3 object is 6f5ffc96a28499e9af3bb23f80200e31 and the VersionId is U.9K6yB20qa_xqlPJUYIX5f_.w.RL74K the Last Modified date is 2023-06-23.

My opinion of that exporter script: hastily written, not tested -- LOTS of bugs and will create multiple issues for you down the road. Use it as a template to look at, but don't actually use it. Take some time to realize what the script is attempting to create for you, and then do it the right way.

I've been documenting my progress on migrating on a Medium article

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