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RDS stuck on configuring-iam-database-auth


While trying to convert an Aurora PostgreSQL instance from On-Demand to Serverless + enabling IAM Authentication I got stuck in configuring-iam-database-auth, I only have one instance (Single AZ) and it just says "Rebooting". It has been stuck like that for almost 5 hours. I'm unable to modify it/delete it because is on a invalid state

Any ideas?

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Thanks for reaching out to us on re:Post. I am so sorry to hear the issues with your RDS instance. Hopefully it has been mitigated now.

It looks to me that an internal step in the conversion "might" have been stuck - In these cases we recommend reaching out to AWS Support Team so that the engineers can do a deep dive on the back end instances and take the necessary steps to fix the issue.

I sincerely apologize for the delay in the response to this post. I just saw it now and thought of adding my thoughts on the matter. Have a wonderful rest-of the day!

answered a month ago

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