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AWS Glue Not able to start the Notebook


When i try to open the job and click on Notebook , i am seeing the below error

Failed to start notebook server "Task allocated capacity exceeded limit. (Service: AWSGlueJobExecutor; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidInputException)"

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In regards to this error - Task allocated capacity exceeded limit. I would advise checking the quota of your AWS accounts for the following limits -

  1. Max task dpus per account
  2. Max concurrent job runs per account

In scenarios such as above where capacity limit for a resource is met or throttling is experienced, increasing the limit for the quota and implementation of exponential backoff retry [1] mechanism is recommended.

Please note that AWS maintains service quotas (formerly called service limits) for each account to help guarantee the availability of AWS resources and prevent accidental provisioning of more resources than needed. Some service quotas are raised automatically over time as you use AWS. However, most AWS services require that you request quota increases manually.

You can use AWS Service Quotas [2] console to view and request increases for most AWS quotas.

Important: Most service quotas are specific to an AWS Region. Select the AWS Region where you require the quota increase in.

Please feel free to read about managing your AWS service quota here [3] on our Knowledge Center Article in detail.

If the suggestions above do not help resolve the issue, we might need to troubleshoot based on your configurations. Could you please create a support case instead so we may discuss details on your resource configurations?

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answered 24 days ago

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