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Bucket transfer inter-region


I need to transfer files between regions AWS. Bucket South America to Bucket in North Virginia with DataSync. My files in South America region (source), are in S3 Deep Archive, and I'm going to keep them that way, I'm just going to change regions to reduce storage costs. In the AWS documentation, I understood the costs of DataSync, but about the Deep Archive I was in doubt... I have many files with less than 180 days (300TB), I will pay pro rata for taking them out of the bucket before this deadline or for I keep in the same storage class just transfer the files to another location, no? Because I want to make this change but if you have a pro-rata payment, it's a very high cost.

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I think you could use cross region replication. AWS S3 can replicate objets between diferent AWS Regions [1].

Here in this blog [2] you can see how to do it.

You just need to:

  1. Have two buckets in different regions.
  2. Enable the Cross Region Replication (CRR)
  3. Create an AWS IAM Role.
  4. And Start Testing

Hope this can help

BestRegards HE

[1] Cross Region Replication

[2] CRR for Amazon S3

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answered 5 months ago
  • First, thank you for help.

    This doesn't really solve my problem... The cost of DataSync is being cheaper than the CRR, but the point is: My files are in Deep Archive, with well less than 180 days (So, if the file has hosted the 1 day and I delete today, I will pay for the remaining 179 days of space it took up). But what if I transfer via DataSync while keeping Deep Archive to another region? Will you incur the same cost of keeping files on Deep Archive? This does not show accuracy in the documentation.

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