Cannot upgrade replication engine 2.4.4 to anything higher


Is this a known issue? I'm getting this error trying to upgrade my replication instance. I was able to go to 2.4.4 from 2.4.3, but now I can't go to any higher versions. This is the error I see:

AWSDatabaseMigrationService: Cannot upgrade replication engine from 2.4.4 to 3.1.3

It's the same for any version 2.4.5 and higher. This is a t2.large instance running a task migrating data from oracle to postgres.


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1 Answer

Got a response from AWS Support. The upgrade paths aren't available yet.

They have commented to advise that there is a table in which this upgrade path gets inserted say upgrade from 2.4.4 to 2.4.5 but the path has yet to be inserted. These are the current paths:

attunity:2.4.2 attunity:2.4.3 ACTIVE IF_AUTO_PATCH_LEVEL
attunity:2.4.2 attunity:2.4.4 ACTIVE IF_AUTO_PATCH_LEVEL
attunity:2.4.3 attunity:2.4.4 ACTIVE IF_AUTO_PATCH_LEVEL

We haven't created additional upgrade paths yet, the console will throw out that error but as soon as we do that then they can upgrade.

We had to delay creating them to get another patch out, but it is in the pipeline for the release and further details will be publicly communicated with the AWS community.

answered 4 years ago

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