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getting 502 bad gateway errors every time I turn on ec2 instance


I am currently building a web application on an ec2 instance. All of the code is stored within the server. When I type in the ec2 instance's ip address (, I get a 502 bad gateway error. Although the server itself may have turned on, I still get a 502 bad gateway error because the code relies on a python import called flask. To enable flask, I have to manually type in "sudo service nginx restart" and "sudo service gunicorn3" restart within the /etc/nginx/sites-available directory. Once I type in those commands, the website works. Is there a way that I can enable these commands to run automatically every time I turn on the ec2 instance?

2 Answers

Use User-data to introduce the interested commands at launch. The following link should help:

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answered a month ago


You can use the following commands to add nginx and gunicorn3 to start up:

sudo systemctl enable nginx
sudo systemctl enable gunicorn3
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answered a month ago

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