Multiple EKS Control Planes; One VPC


Do we get multiple EKS Control Planes when we have multiple EKS Clusters in a single VPC?

ie.: VPC A

  • EKS Cluster A
  • EKS Cluster B

Amazon AWS EKS Account/VPC

  • Control Plane A Or:
  • Control Plane A
  • Control Plane B
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Each Amazon EKS cluster control plane is single-tenant and unique, and runs on its own set of Amazon EC2 instances. So even in the same VPC/Customer Account each cluster will get it's own control plane.

This is outline in the documentation here...

Hope that helps!

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  • So, then: its NOT possible to have multiple clusters on the same Control Plane?

  • From a EKS managed service standpoint, no. Each cluster will be a separate, dedicated control plane. Depending on your use case & needs there are third-party solutions that run on EKS that provide virtual clusters within a single EKS cluster.


Each EKS cluster that you create will have its own unique control plane setup regardless of whether they are running on same VPC or different VPCs.

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