Trying Sagemaker example but getting error: AttributeError: module 'sagemaker' has no attribute 'create_transform_job'


Hi, I keep getting this error: AttributeError: module 'sagemaker' has no attribute 'create_transform_job', when using a batch transform example that AWS graciously had in the notebook instances. Code: ***Also, I updated Sagemaker to the newest package and its still not working.

import time
from time import gmtime, strftime

batch_job_name = "Batch-Transform-" + strftime("%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S", gmtime())
input_location = "s3://{}/{}/batch/{}".format(
    bucket, prefix, batch_file
)  # use input data without ID column
output_location = "s3://{}/{}/output/{}".format(bucket, prefix, batch_job_name)

request = {
    "TransformJobName": batch_job_name,
    "ModelName": 'xgboost-parquet-example-training-2022-03-28-16-02-31-model',
    "TransformOutput": {
        "S3OutputPath": output_location,
        "Accept": "text/csv",
        "AssembleWith": "Line",
    "TransformInput": {
        "DataSource": {"S3DataSource": {"S3DataType": "S3Prefix", "S3Uri": input_location}},
        "ContentType": "text/csv",
        "SplitType": "Line",
        "CompressionType": "None",
    "TransformResources": {"InstanceType": "ml.m4.xlarge", "InstanceCount": 1},

print("Created Transform job with name: ", batch_job_name)

# Wait until the job finishes
    response = sagemaker.describe_transform_job(TransformJobName=batch_job_name)
    status = response["TransformJobStatus"]
    print("Transform job ended with status: " + status)
    if status == "Failed":
        message = response["FailureReason"]
        print("Transform failed with the following error: {}".format(message))
        raise Exception("Transform job failed")

Everything else is working well. I've had no luck with this on anyother forum.

1 Answer

Please double check what type is sagemaker object. Check out this example

sagemaker = boto3.client(service_name="sagemaker") sagemaker.create_transform_job(...)

answered 2 years ago

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