What happens when you give TimeStream a timestamp in the future?


I am testing some calculations in DraftSight that come from TimeStream. I an using an IOT thing to send a timestamp to AWS, a rule to insert the packet into TimeStream. When I send a timestamp in the past it seems to show up in TimeStream. When I send a timestamp from in the future it seems to not show up. I am not sure though if it is latency or if timestream is rejecting the entry because the timestamp is in the future.

Does TimeStream reject timestamps from the future?

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Hello AWS Customer,

I understand you are trying to send a timestamp from in the future and it seems to not show up.

So, according to this timestream quota document: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/timestream/latest/developerguide/ts-limits.html#limits.default

Future ingestion period in minutes --> The maximum lead time (in minutes) for your time series data compared to the current system time. The default value is 15 minutes. For example, if the future ingestion period is 15 minutes, then Timestream will accept data that is up to 15 minutes ahead of the current system time.

So, you might be providing the future time which is greater than 15 minutes of the current system time. However, if your input future time is within 15 minutes and still not able to see the timestamp, i would recommend you to open a case with AWS Premium Support so the engineer can look into the logs/configuration to see if anything is missing/wrong.

answered 8 months ago

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