Aurora Serverless v1 scaling or Data-API for v2?


We jumped on the wagon of Aurora Serverless v1, Postgresql, as the use-case for us with micro-services and many databases was perfect together with AppSync.

Only too late did we realize how bad Aurora Serverless v1 works with scaling, as it can't scale when there are open transactions. Also there is a hard limit of 500 connections maximum of the Data-API. This causes a lot of DB outages for us...

We were part of the early adopters of Aurora Serverless v2 and tested the scaling which works nicely (it's what v1 should have been)...

The lack of the Data-API in v2 surprised us as we can't upgrade because of AppSync.

Can you share any details if Data-API will be available on v2, and when, or if you will fix v1's flawed scaling?

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